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Would like to become a global citizen and legally pay less in tax, build a freedom lifestyle, and create wealth faster? Here at Nomad Capitalist, we believe that you should "go where you're treated best". That means using strategies like offshore companies, offshore bank accounts, legal tax reduction, dual citizenship, high-yield international investing, cryptocurrencies, and low-tax living to keep more of your own money and design a life you love. These strategies - when used correctly - are completely legal for Americans, Australians, Brits, and Canadians. Nomad Capitalist works exclusively with six- and seven-figure entrepreneurs and investors who want to become global citizens living the good life.
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Jun 24, 2015

If you value your wealth and freedom that a Western country affords be cautious of cheap and possibly illegal online offers of residencies and citizenships. There are legal ways to pay fewer taxes. If you have a business or are thinking about starting one, you are going to need solid planning and tax advice to ensure you are not wasting your money by paying taxes that are not required of you. In fact, in July plan to visit the Nomad Society’s private event or in August Andrew Henderson will be personally assisting offshore first timers, both in SE Asia. Visit Nomad Capitalist to find out more. If you are an expat don’t forget FBAR’s are due at the end of June.


Key Takeaways:

Andrew’s Editorial:

[2:05] How to pay taxes as a digital nomad

[3:38] 3 different types of tax systems

[4:46] Citizen based taxation - U.S. & Eritrea

[9:12] Residential based taxation - Most developed nations

[14:04] Territorial taxation - Emerging countries

[17:04] Reduce taxes and stay where you are at

[18:20] How do perpetual travelers pay tax?



[22:20] Following in the family footsteps

[23:12] Existing money may decrease your drive

[24:20] It’s so expensive to live in New York

[25:53] No holidays working in social media businesses

[26:42] Automating your business allows for personal downtime

[27:43] When Erica landed in India

[29:12] Mumbai welcomes you if you just jump in

[30:52] English as a first language helps economically

[33:13] Kickbacks are commonplace when it comes to paperwork

[34:14] Get a local accountant and one in your home country

[36:49] Perfectly legal tax options if you live overseas

[37:32] Being based in India gives Erica street cred with international customers

[39:12] Being a foreigner has helped with local clients also

[40:47] Customer service challenges are typical

[42:13] Nomadic companionships


The Lightning Round:

[43:40] One business - Apartment brokering service

[44:32] One country - India

[44:52] One book - Meditation books

[45:46] One tool - Evernote


Listener Question:

[49:14] Ahmed asks “Why is it that the second passport process that you speak of is so much more expensive than what I see elsewhere online?”

[49:28] Blackmarket second passports, Graymarket second passports and other scams






Jun 17, 2015

Citizens of the world do not be afraid to jump outside of your home country. It’s as simple as buying a plane ticket and landing in a country with freedoms you didn’t expect to be available to you. It is a waste of your time to let other people’s politics consume you. Being a nomad is freedom, lack of expected regulations and 100% legal. Some may not understand the whats, whys and hows of what you are about to accomplish but they will soon see the benefits. You will feel confident in knowing that you are keeping more of your own money. And when a country or aspect of living no longer meets your needs you can simply move on. It’s a financial, not an emotional decision.


Key Takeaways:

Andrew’s Editorial:

[2:11] How to divorce yourself from your existing situation

[4:52] Your mindset must agree with your Internationalization

[5:54] Political systems are built on tax money bricks

[10:23] I pay attention so I can be the expert and you can forget about it

[10:50] We are not low information citizens

[11:46] The new book on foreign real estate

[12:17] Budapest, Hungary

[14:18] Break free and make qualified decisions with your money

[15:40] Diversify your life, not just your money

[16:28] Not everyone understands flag theory or location independent businesses

[17:40] By all means learn an additional language

[20:18] Let Andrew’s team do the dirty work and find the right safe havens



[23:49] George questions the traditional path after reading a book

[25:11] An offer I couldn’t refuse led me to Vietnam

[26:25] We need to kill the college message

[27:25] The big a-ha moment

[28:37] It’s not really a financial risk to go to a new country

[29:46] Digital nomads can pick up and move when they get bored

[30:53] We live in a time of freedom and opportunity

[31:24] The people give Vietnam it’s allure

[33:13] You may not know what freedoms you are missing

[36:44] Southeast Asia has a low cost of living which was great for my new business

[38:00] New laws on collecting VAT

[38:58] Frustrations of life in a developing country

[42:30] So few tourists learn Vietnamese

[44:04] Western guys with local girls and not the other way around


The Lightning Round:

[45:01] One business - Software

[45:33] One country - Western Europe

[46:00] One book - The Education of Millionaires 

[46:41] One tool - A pen and paper


Listener Question:

[49:12] You always talk about European citizenship options for ancestry, why not Asia?

[49:46] Two ways to get citizenship 1.) By the soil

[51:17] We have been trained to identify people's birthplace by physical features

[52:20] Citizenship by descent



Headstock Software


TheEducationofMillionaires- Michael Ellsberg

Jun 3, 2015

You are faced with the huge task of saving for your future. Retirement plan options and mutual fund names are thrown around like mayflies and you are supposed to catch the best one out of the air. The restrictions put on these accounts are not for your benefit and you don’t have access to your cash. Andrew’s team can sift through the muck for you and help you to go where you are treated best. In the interview, Brendan finds friendlier people in Chiang Mai but he may still end up back in Australia. Finally in your questions, Marlo’s primary concerns related to  moving overseas are social security and healthcare. Currently in his 60’s, will he be able to get over the stigma that tv has taught him about offshore living and investing?


Key Takeaways:

Andrews Editorial:

[2:30] A plethora of retirement plans

[3:48] Is your money growing the way that it should be?

[4:49] Andrew is a true nomad

[6:11] Don’t let the match lure you in

[7:20] The offshore IRA

[7:48] Have access to your cash

[8:29] The government can change the rules when it suits them

[9:54] Territory restrictions can be costing you a fortune

[12:00] Quit funding your IRA

[13:00] Countries are broke it’s open season on your investment account

[14:45] The double penny example



[17:39] The Didgeridoo Dojo

[20:10] There isn’t physical access to lessons

[21:25] Brendan’s backstory

[23:10] We went from services business to a product business

[24:02] Forum based marketing and SEO

[26:20] No A-ha moment led to Thailand

[28:20] Why Chiang Mai? Dynamite Circle

[30:00] The comfort of home

[31:40] The key is being outside of your home country

[32:20] The merchant bank situation

[33:16] The bank deposit tax

[34:30] Citi has the worst customer service

[35:01] Growing the business in Thailand has been easier than I thought

[36:45] Less tech savvy people make better clients

[38:51] Drop ship competition friction in Thailand

[42:40] Signing bigger deals must be done in person

[45:23] People are so friendly and open in Chiang Mai



The Lightning Round:

[47:40] One business - Catering to the Nomad Scene

[48:22] One country - Australia

[48:35] One book - Living the 80/20 Way

[49:19] One tool - Zendesk & Zapier


Listener Question:

[55:22] Marlo asks “We are concerned about Medicare and Social Security but we want to live overseas. What do you recommend?”

[55:50] Health care is not just a senior concern

[57:06] International Medical Tourism can provide quality care

[58:44] Take the whole family to where they are treated best

[59:51] M2H - Malaysia's My second home program