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Would like to become a global citizen and legally pay less in tax, build a freedom lifestyle, and create wealth faster? Here at Nomad Capitalist, we believe that you should "go where you're treated best". That means using strategies like offshore companies, offshore bank accounts, legal tax reduction, dual citizenship, high-yield international investing, cryptocurrencies, and low-tax living to keep more of your own money and design a life you love. These strategies - when used correctly - are completely legal for Americans, Australians, Brits, and Canadians. Nomad Capitalist works exclusively with six- and seven-figure entrepreneurs and investors who want to become global citizens living the good life.
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Apr 29, 2015

Andrew’s recent trip to the ballet signals him to discuss the importance of knowing which Western countries require you to “Be Naked” or transparent with your income while lawyers in IBC countries can hide behind a “tax free” costume. Lisa Vexler of Family Freedom Project talks about residency requirements in Costa Rica, her 9 year old entrepreneur and how her family used “The Four Hour Workweek” as a guide to finding freedom. 


Key Takeaways: 

Andrews Editorial

[4:13] The culture and art of Eastern Europe

[5:45] International Business Companies - IBC’s

[7:59] United States LLC’s

[10:16] Western tax requirements for offshore companies

[13:26] Become a citizen of a country with reporting requirements

[15:16] Tax strategies for Digital Nomads

[17:11] Neil Strauss’s experience


The Interview:

[22:00] The story behind the success

[26:03] The Costa Rica a-ha moment

[28:25] Why Tamarindo?

[30:10] Offshore strategies for Costa Rica

[32:16] Finding the expat expert 

[33:30] Costa Rica residency requirements

[36:20] Greatest business success

[37:19] Setting up a physical business in Costa Rica

[39:05] How did moving to Costa Rica strengthen your marriage

[40:24] A 9 year old’s Tico Surf business 


Lightning Round 

[41:48] One business - Coworking space

[42:09] One country - Costa Rica

[42:25] One book - Four Hour Workweek

[42:51] One tool - Remote mail reading service


Listener Question

[46:34] Doug wants to know “Which credit card has the maximum benefits?”

[48:31] American Express Platinum card pays for itself

[52:38] There’s a war for high end everything 

[53:58] Adopting a sense of abundance



Emergency: This Book Will Save Your Life - Neil Strauss

Family Freedom Project

Four Hour Workweek - Tim Ferriss 

Scan Mailboxes Solutions

The Roaring 2000’s - Harry S. Dent

Apr 22, 2015

Andrew explains what should be behind your decisions when choosing a second or third passport. Tim Beiko discusses how he can get you anything you want anywhere in the world, the drive behind his start up and the ease of starting his business and nomadic lifestyle in Singapore. And a listener question begets the questions “What are your goals?” and “How do you make it location independent?”


Key Takeaways:


Andrew’s Editorial 

[3:04] Real diversification through multiple passports

[11:15] Where are you willing to live for your second passport?

[12:40] Where are you from?

[14:16] What is your priority?

[17:46] Andrew’s team can point you in the right direction


The Guest Interview:

[25:02] History of

[27:25] Drive behind this venture

[28:38] Unsexy businesses

[31:27] Singapore accepted us

[33:12] The tax haven adjacent

[33:40] branching out

[35:02] A Singapore Private Limited Company 

[37:00] Formalities can be simple in Singapore

[37:45] International Accomplishments

[40:53] No offshore challenges

[42:03] Personal connections and angles

[43:07] Dating Robotics and long hours


The Lightning Round

[46:05] One business - Barber shop

[46:42] One country - Canada

[46:59] One book - Breakthrough Rapid Reading

[47:55} One tool - Expat Facebook Groups


Listener Question

[49:29] Madison asks “How do I live your lifestyle?”

[51:20] Andrew’s advice 




Breakthrough Rapid Reading - Peter Kump

Peter Schiff


Motivation Manifesto - Brendan Burchard

Apr 15, 2015

Offshore merchant accounts can be difficult to obtain if you are not in the right jurisdiction. And during the interview, Daryl talks about International banking and how it can be easier when you stay close to the Americas. But when you head towards Asia there is a lot of misinformation about which banks will do business with you. And £10,000 may not sound like much but Daryl travelled for a year and started his successful, six figure PPC/Advertising business with just that. He is planting both business and personal flags. 


Key Takeaways:


Andrews Editorial


[1:43] Offshore merchant accounts

[6:12] The U.S. Government is shutting down banks 

[6:55] Set up your company in the right jurisdiction

[10:04] How dedicated are you to having an offshore company?

[12:05] Everything we talk about here is legal

[14:27] Integration versus paying low tax



Guest Interview: 


[19:05] When Brits travel 

[21:00] Daryl’s entrepreneurial journey

[23:00] Timeline from employee to employer

[23:51] What £10,000 gets you

[25:11] The cheesy A-ha moment

[26:06] Mini Tim Ferriss’s

[27:35] Slow travelling

[28:18] Kuala Lumpur

[29:36] Bangkok

[31:52] A million dollar year

[32:28] Daryl’s strategies for Big Flare

[33:30] Difficulties in International Banking

[35:49] Hiring strategies - Eastern Europe

[38:03] Daryl’s greatest business success

[39:16] Alternatives to Paypal 

[41:30] Personal flag planting - The Dreamgirl

[45:55] I’m a serious person

[46:55] The Lightning Round 

[49:09] Suggested Resources


Listener Question


[53:19] Michael asks for residency information resources

[54:45] The problems of having a criminal record 







Chase Payment Tech


Four hour work week - Tim Ferriss




Tropical MBA

Apr 15, 2015

In this podcast Andrew explains why it isn’t illegal to opt out of the IRS and solid strategies for those making $100,000 +. The Nomad Capitalist guest this week is James T. Clark. Clark manages 20 websites from far away places like Namibia, Ireland and Southeast Asia. He visits his native Australia once a year to say hello to family and then is off again. He talks about international banking and one question he gets asked a lot but can’t really answer. 


Key Takeaways:

Andrew’s Editorial:


[1:18] Tax Season

[3:32] What is a Nomad

[6:25] The Foreign Earned Income Exemption

[10:07] Two qualifiers for exclusion

[15:17] Strategies for $100,000 + earners

[17:57] Passport to Freedom example

[19:45] Legally opt out of the IRS


The Interview:


[22:27] James wanted to work for himself

[23:55] Walking away from Australia

[24:45] Scared Stuck

[25:59] The Ireland A-ha moment

[28:07] Perpetual Travelling

[29:59] Digital Nomads can have relationships

[31:20] Life is long, never say never

[34:24] How does James plant flags

[37:06] The quality of Southeast Asian healthcare

[38:13] Success in travel websites

[40:01] Biggest Challenges - International banking problems 

[40:59] Australian banks

[42:01] The Big Tip 

[43:18] Lightning Round - Food delivery for expats

[44:00] One Place - This question is to hard

[44:45] One Tool - Evernote


Listener Question: 


[47:44] Juanita wants to know more about Andrew

[48:50] Go where you’re treated best. The idea behind a Nomad

[51:25] Learning from expats

[54:20] Key goal in travelling




Apr 10, 2015


It’s no accident that today, April 15th, the Nomad’s choice of first guest on the new show is an international entrepreneur who has successfully cherry picked the best economics out of every country he does business in. He is a border security nightmare as he travels from country to country with monitor and recording equipment in hand. He peers inside the North American culture with an outsiders view and his one pair of jeans. 


Key Takeaways:

[0:50] Why April 15th for the new show? 

[3:21] The Nomad’s history and vision for your future 

[10:10] Go where you are treated best

[14:30] Watch out for bad info and fraud

[16:00] What do we do next

[17:45] Beliefs of the Nomad Capitalist

[21:56] The interview

[23:04] About Corey

[24:10] Everybody has a podcast

[25:00] or

[27:38] What’s wrong with Costa Rica

[28:56] Territorial taxation

[29:19] The perfect set-up

[30:02] Why Costa Rica in the first place?

[31:19] The a-ha moment 

[32:18] A strip down and rebuild

[32:26] What changed 

[33:30] The immigrant song

[34:27] The challenge of a man

[35:02] Failing up

[35:49] Breaking free from the system

[36:38] Self actualizing

[37:25] The base strategy

[39:23] I fell into the world 

[39:57] Almost ready for primetime

[40:45] The nitty gritty, wins and losses

[42:08] Immigration process of Costa Rica

[43:00] Cherry picking international economics 

[43:35] Clients want Paypal

[44:11] The last 8 years 

[44:47] The bar to access big wigs

[46:33] My doctor is my friend on Facebook

[48:17] Hyper - awareness of the fish bowl

[49:36] Banking challenges of Latin America

[50:10] Issue’s with border security in the U.S. 

[52:19] A job in radio

[52:58] Hiring American employees

[54:45] The Nomad’s 3 big questions

[57:40] Picking up chicks with your shopping bag

[1:01:20] Your offshore action plan

[1:02:45] Eric sends a popular question 

[1:04:15] Stepping out of the shadows

[1:06:40] The Nomad Guide

[1:09:52] Good, solid advice

[1:10:50] Your life diversified

[1:12:31] What is your story?